Tips for Entering Online Sweeps… 

To avoid unwanted solicitations via email and phone, I suggest signing up for a free email account (ie Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, MSN Hotmail) and a free local phone number (I use and recommend PrivatePhone – I can set it to email or text me when I have a real message).

Then the easiest way to fill out sweepstakes registrations is with Roboform. You can download Roboform for FREE. Contains No Adware. No Spyware. Over 5 million downloads. Fills registrations one click.

Tips for Entering Mail-In Sweepstakes

Make your entry stand out by using odd shaped and colored envelopes!  Go to your favorite discount store the day after a holiday, and ask the “card stocking person” if they have any envelopes they plan to throw away. Great source, and might I add, free!

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12 Comments on "Tips"

  1. Helen Jones | October 14, 2009 at 7:50 am |

    Maybe I’ll win $5,000.00 on Halloween

  2. hopefully i will win a sweepstakes i really need the money to fix my house and buy a tombstone for my mom

  3. I downloaded Roboform but seems it’s time limited trial version

  4. Diane Tillman | December 21, 2009 at 7:25 am |

    Every day I submit my PCH official entry form for a chance to become a $10,000,000.00 super prize winner and for a chance to become a $5,000.00 a week for life super prize winner, because I’m holding on to my hope, building up my faith and never stop believing and trusting God that he can and he will grant me the PCH winnest, because he lives in me and because of his love for me. Although i receive error on page everyday, this will not stop me from submitting my PCH official Entry Form. What causes error on page and what does it mean
    anyway-I asked this question before but no one would ever reponse??????????????????????????????????????????

  5. i did not know there were other people out there that has been trying to win from PCHOUSE. me over 20 years i guess if they haven’t stop then i won’t. may whoever win you will also thank God for giving you favor and will use the money wiseley and give to your church and the homless. God bless and have a safe and wonderful holiday this year 2009.
    from C.O.G

  6. Jerry Watson | March 15, 2010 at 3:14 am |

    Hello PCH My Name is Jerry Watson I Would Love to win $100,000.00 A Week for one Year

  7. When the rules don’t say to use a plain business size #10 envelope I’ll send colorful stand out envelopes.

  8. Dale E Miller | June 16, 2010 at 10:53 am |

    how do you get to a code np556?

  9. Why do I and others never get an answer when we ask’how do you get a code& what are we to do when we try to open a page a page related to our search &we get a blank page or opps site forgot to enter information on site?what a rip off.its happened to me often!

  10. Hi,
    Don’t really know if your interested but I’d like to inform you of a couple of really good contests. First is a dance video contest. Contest ends Nov 8th 2011 and one grand prize winner will be chosen ($1000.00 grand prize) details

    Other is also from for $1,000,000 details on yahooNews
    Just thought your readers would like to know. Could be an awesome opportunity for someone to win.

  11. I have never lived or worked in Houston,Texas, and I have never worked for the Houston Police Department. Another thing the woman in the picture who portray herself as me is not me. I Wanda R.Goree of Oakland, California does not have a facebook. Some of those pitures are of my close family. Please disregard the person who is as me. People need to check themselves, it is fruadulent to do things like this. It is stolen identity, you’d better think about what you are doing. I do not have a facebook in my name. God Bless The Child Who Has His Own. God watches over his people and I am so glad. PCH I’m still here broke financially, but not spiritually. I am holding on. WRG. Oh yea, thank you God most of all.

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