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Using Email for Sweepstakes and Contests Builds Loyalty from Readers

One of the easiest ways to bring in readers to your website is to use email sweepstakes and Social Exchange.  It will bring your readers back to your website for more information.  That means you get more traffic, and it builds loyalty from your readers.

Building an email list is easy when you put an opt-in form on your website.  It’s a form that asks for name and email address, so you can send them information.  It’s a terrific way to build up a list since they want to receive email from you, otherwise, they won’t fill it out.  It won’t go into their spam folders, and they will read the email.  To build an email list, you have to have an auto responder program that works through a mail server.

A lot of people ask “what is email” and how to use it for sweepstakes and contests.  Email is just like mail you receive in your mail box at your home or business.  You have an email address, an email box with folders, and a list of contact.  It’s usually maintained by a mail server from the website where your email is controlled.

There are several free mail servers with auto responders, but you have to tolerate the advertising on your emails.  The best auto responder to use is one that is designed to use their own mail server.  It automatically sends an email to anyone who signs up for your list.  You just have to build the emails and the mail server will send the emails on the day you tell it to.  The major advantage is it prevents cyber attacks.

A cyber attack can easily take down your website; however, if you have an auto responder, they prevent cyber attacks and protect your email list.  That way you can send your list all the sweepstakes and contests.  Your list won’t worry about their computer being attacked.

You build your sweepstakes and contests, and then send it to your list, and they come to your website to sign up for the sweepstakes and contests.  When they win, you send them an email to let them know.  What could be simpler, huh?  Using sweepstakes and contests is the fastest way to build an opt-in list and keep your readers coming back to your site.  It builds loyalty and traffic.

The more traffic you have – the higher up in search engine rankings your site becomes.   It can take you to number one in search ranking position.  That also brings in more readers and traffic to your website.  It’s not hard to build a list or create sweepstakes and contests for them to enter.  There are several sites on the Internet that have sweepstakes and contests already created. You just have to email them to your opt-in list.

The sweepstakes and contests can be any type you want.  People love them and will enter them with the excitement of winning.  Using email makes it easy for them, and for you to keep building your list and loyalty from your readers.

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