$180 Ultimate Gourmet Coffee Giveaway

Win a Gourmet Coffee Bundle in the Ultimate Gourmet Coffee Giveaway from Best Quality Coffee!

Muhlhaus Coffee is the perfect brew for the uncompromising coffee connoisseur who’s on the go. The days of having to sacrifice your coffee’s quality for convenience are long gone thanks to Muhlhaus Coffee’s innovative single serve pour over pouches. Now you can enjoy coffee perfection while you’re on vacation, traveling, hiking, or even at the office. We’ll be selected 3 winners for a total of $180 in prizes. Each winner will receive the following:

  • 8 X Turkish Kave’ (High caffeine, Bold)
  • 8 X Wanderer Roast (Robust, Earthy)
  • 8 X Decaf Kave’ (Decaf, Bold)
  • 8 X Vienna Melange’ (Fruity, Mellow)

$180 value; 3 winners; Enter via Rafflecopter; No Residency Restrictions Listed; ends 10/19/2019

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