5 Tips to organize successful Promotional Giveaways

Everybody loves Free Gifts and Companies are using this human tendency to promote their brand from years by organizing Promotional giveaways. Promotional Products is great way to improve your Brand Recognition and product reliability among your customers if organized successfully. In this article I would be discussing some Basic Tips on how to organize such giveaways successfully to get the desired Results:-

Select Products for Giveaways Carefully: – Selecting a Good Giveaway Item is the most important part of any Giveaway Campaign. The item should be something relevant to your products which your customers are always looking for and use on regular Basis. Conduct a short survey or do some research in places or online forums to find out some good suggestions for Giveaway items. For Eg:- If your Target audience is people working in IT industries, you can give them items like Custom Flash Drives or Laptop Bags which they can use daily.

Selecting The Time and Place: – Are you Running a Seasonal Business and people need your products only for a specific time interval? Then, Try to organize your campaign only when your business is in its peak season. You can’t expect your customers to buy winter clothes from you for FREE GIFTS in Summer Season. The place where you are going to organize your campaign is also important. Identify places like relevant forums or communities where your customers spend most of the time to launch your Campaign.

Offer Gifts as Package: – Create a Combo pack of your Product and Gift and then sell your Products. The greatest Example of this is McDonald Happy Meal Toys. I had bought those happy meals lot of times for my kids only for those Toys. Your customer won’t mind to buy from you, if you are offering something to them for Free which they need desperately.

Imprint With your Information: – I think this is common sense. Imprint your promotional products with your Brand name and Logo so that your brand name remains in your customer mind whenever they use your products. If possible include your contact information like your website url or Toll Free number so that they could contact you easily whenever they need to buy your products.

Measure Results: – This is most important part of any Promotional Campaign but most of the times it is not feasible to get the accurate results very quickly. You can measure the results on various factors like determining your current Brand visibility, number of Returning Customers from total customer who participated in campaign, New Customer you are getting from referrals. You can also find some loyal customers in such kind of campaigns when you see the long term results.

These are few Basic tips which can help you in organizing your Promotional Giveaways campaigns in a successful way and increase your brand popularity and your overall Customer Base.

Gagandeep Singh is working as Internet Marketing Executive for Fortepromo which create high Quality promotional products for their clients and help them to promote their Brand in the market.

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