Tips for Entering Online Sweeps… 

To avoid unwanted solicitations via email and phone, I suggest signing up for a free email account (ie Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, MSN Hotmail) and a free local phone number (I use and recommend PrivatePhone – I can set it to email or text me when I have a real message).

Then the easiest way to fill out sweepstakes registrations is with Roboform. You can download Roboform for FREE. Contains No Adware. No Spyware. Over 5 million downloads. Fills registrations one click.

Tips for Entering Mail-In Sweepstakes

Make your entry stand out by using odd shaped and colored envelopes!  Go to your favorite discount store the day after a holiday, and ask the “card stocking person” if they have any envelopes they plan to throw away. Great source, and might I add, free!