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Win $5,000 A Week For Life from Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com!Win $5,000 A Week For Life from Publishers Clearing House / PCH.com! Winner will be announced on NBC. The Prize Patrol has awarded over $200 Million since 1967! No purchase necessary. Enter Daily; US only; Enter by February 15th, 2012.


  1. i would love to have some good luck for once. i would love to win to buy a farm, a small one so we don’t have to get rid of any of our pets. i’d pay back the system that they have given me. and i’d like to be closer to my grand-daughtwer whom is 2 yrs. old and haven’t seen her most of that time. i’d also would like better medical care, because i’m sick more then well. i miss cooking because i can’t stand because the surgeon messed up on my back., i’d like to help the childrens hospitals, and have a good life for my kids, their families and me and my fiancee all of our lives have been turned upside down for so long, i just want a chance to make it better for everyone, my kids, ect. please god, i don’t want to die, i want to get better and watch my grand children grow up. and have a nice place for them to come and visit. also i’d like to help out the apca. the animals can not speak for themselfs. thank you and god bless everyone.

  2. Want to win pch . To help my children and grandkids .

  3. It sure would help if i won the money on nov 30. I can help family and me to pay bills and have fun for the rest of my life. Not worry about what bills to pay and not pay. Both me amd my husband are not working cause of the world problem,not working. Every body talk to is lookig for a job. Hope it will get better?

  4. Hi, pch,
    Id love to win if I win id beable to get me and my kids our own home for once. If also help my mom shes sick . Also id love to help everyone else that needs it like the starving children in phillipiness and other countrys. So please pch and good help me and my children too win. Thank yous and god bless everyone
    Sincerly,lacie brackett and my kids

  5. I wish I could win so I could help take care of my mom in my sister and mom has to have surgery on her corroded arterys she has a blockage and does not have the money for her surgery we as a family kids and grand kids have scraped 600.00 to help my momt with her property taxes so she can keep her home she is about to loose we just recently have taken her out of the hospital she had a stroke and the doctors say if she don’t have surgery. soon she will have a major stroke on top of this my sister has alzheimer’s bandits beeñ very overbearing im at my wits end and don’t know what to do I am part time working as a home health aide taking care of people is what i love to do and me and my family are struggling our selves filing bankruptcy I hope we win i will build my mom and sister a home so I can take care of them please let me win lord for I have nothing left to give im loosing my mom my sister and my home

  6. PCH,PLEASE PICK ME!!! I keep hoping n praying to God that i get picked n a huge miracle happens n i’m picked to win 5,000 a week for life as i’ve never won anything n my life n being a single parent that get’s no help, this would help out a whole lot!!! PLEASE PLEASE PICK THIS SINGLE MAMA IN NEED OF A PRAYER FROM ABOVE!!! NAT:)

  7. I was laid off from my job after 5.5 years. while working I was a recruiter for the Dept. Of Labor throught Experience Works. I traveled 10 counties. I had purchased a new car as I traveled some lonely roads, and was laid off 9 months later. So I am dire need of some monies to help me at the present time. I am an elderly Senior, and on SS. Also my kids could use some finanical help as one just got married, also have some grandchildren who are haveing a hard time trying to get and hold good jobs here in NE.

  8. Want to win pch to be able to take care of my mom and my grandkids future .

  9. Our Church Family needs a “Boost” to start their new location, we are presently meeting in three or four locations (weekly/daily) while waiting for the closure of our past location. Our Church Members are very active in numerous ministries but….we need one location to be more productive to help in our MANY activities for the Youth, Young Adults, Elderly, Our Military, Our Missionaries, Our Blanket Ministry, Our Yellow School Bus Ministry and many, many other ministries.

  10. If i won the 5,000.00 a week for life i could help my church and a very old historical building that is the last on in our town that is standing.

    i could also help pay off all of my bills and get my food storage built up, for my family. I would also help a family that doesn’t have enough for food.

    So p.c.h if you would let me be the win of the 1million Plus 5,000.00 a week for life. Thank you for reading this blog and hope that you have a happy thanks giving. and god bless you all. Sincerely yours jacqueline M.

  11. I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been doing this and not winning. my mother did it for years and never won anything.

  12. When will I win?

  13. I would like to win a new car. My car is 22 years old and almost on it’s last leg. I need to win. I have no money for Christmas this year. Please help me to win.


  15. OMG!! Today Is The Day! I really hope that i win the 5,000 a week for life. Things are really rough for me. I’m a single mom just trying to be successful!!! i pray that i win!!!

  16. i love the free chances to win

  17. I would love to win 5k for life so i can take care of my family most of all my sick mom she is on Dialysis so it would be a big help to win $5000 dollars a week for life

  18. I hope and pray that I’ll be lucky enough to WIN the 5K
    for life…because, I’ll be 85years old by 08/22/2012, and I have only a few more years to enjoy life. I love to travel and see places while I still can. If GOD be willing…my dream could come true.

  19. Janice Nichols says:

    I had a huge accident and am now blind in my right eye and my left eye is having problems and I need to wein the $5000 a week for life. I am 61 years old so you won’t have to pay for long.

  20. I’ve been entering pch over 35 yrs well before computers. Envolopes and stamps was the thing then. I”m still trying to win. If I win I can take care of a lot of poor people including myself.

  21. I would love to win PCH.I would love to help my 8 children and 17 Grand-children.I have been playing PCH since 1976,and I have Faith that my turn is next.I am a Faithful Player and would love to WIN before I turn 61.Which is April 29,1951.Thanks for the Run PCH. Your Faithful Player (Lometta De Mary)

  22. I would like to win PCH. I need a new car. My car is 22 years old with 218,576 miles on it. If it goes out I have no means of another car. I do caregiving, and take people to the doctor and their errands. So I need a new car. If I win I plan to move out of California, & move to another less expensive state. (There is still some out there). To go into shut-in and hospitals to use a dog for comforting patients, or play a harp to soothe the sick and dying. To help my daughter with her moneys for college. That is why I need to win this PCH games, surveys, & searth&win.

  23. Have been with PCH for over 20 years and never won anthing however, I am still very hopeful. I have severe back problems and unable to walk so winning would put me in a good place.

  24. Roma Sue Noffsinger says:

    I would Love to Win Something Big from Pch.com..I have been with Publisher Clearing House for many,many Year’s now and have never Won any thing like that Big Check..

  25. I would like to win 5,000 for life so i could pay off my bills, get a new home and a car,and pay for all my medical bills.

  26. I really want to win not just for me but for my family and I pray I win to come out this stuggle

  27. I losted my job on my off day cause my god douthers and i got into a augustment in my house,went to jail for six hour and got a I Bond,went to work the next day and they told me they didnt need me any more,that hurt cause Im the one that got them a job with me,i dont know what they said to them but two weeks later they were told they were no longer needed easer,i went to court for seven mounth and the judge found me not guilty and told her why did u make your dad lose his job cause that how he took care u,she cryed and i did to,i losted my APT and im still looking for a job,my family need and i do to,thats why i need money to get back on my feet and help other that need help to make their life better,i still love my god douthers,i losted a job and my APT,not the love in my HEART

  28. I am the post commander of a little post of 30 veterans our building was built in the early60s.i would re-furbish our post and get CENTRAL HEAT AND AIR. I also have 10 grand babies and 2great grands.Sure could use your help.

  29. Mary-Kay Raig says:

    I would LOVE to WIN! For many of the same reasons that other members of PCH have. Get rid of debt, pay for kids college, help family, give to charity, help friends. When reading the PCH members comments my heart felt so sad for them. We are all in need of the money. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! Thank you PCH for giving us hope for a second chance with are finances. And it is FREE!

  30. Would love to win just to have a home and tow cars to for my kids and wife so we can live right and give to the needy pch would love the love so I can pay off. My things and now that it came true hope we all win

  31. Rex Rosado says:

    This suck every body know that nobody is going to win pch alot us know that but we still try !! PCH tell u that u are going to win but do u?????????????

  32. putting in double the entrys to win $5,000.00 every week for life sweepstakes GWY NO.3080 GOD BLESS YOUR PATROL TEAM

  33. Emogene Means says:

    SOS A.S.A.P.

  34. I want to activate my wining

  35. shirley says:

    I would love to win to help others and build a new church. our country church is over 100 years old and in very bad repair the windows are falling
    out. the roof leaks. but god is there. I love Jesus and will always serve him for all my days. your all in my prayers.

  36. new church10@yahoo.com would love to win to help others and carry on the work of the lord Jesus Christ. leading the lost to god.

  37. Richbizzy says:

    There are so many lost and starving souls in the world- PCH winnings would enable the helping of lots of those in need.

  38. Yes i would love to win 2 million dollars, so i could get my happiness back. 2010 was a nightmare. I buried a 22 year old who was killed, and the county where it all happened at.They refuse to do a investigation cause the member of the house have a FBI who is a family . And the same year my 19 son at the time was railroad on rape of a 5 year old. After hire a private investigator the DNA of one son that surpose to have touch the little girl it was never his DNA he is serving 19 years for something he did not do. And the other son was killed all evidence concerning both cases prove the counties are covering up. With this money i could prove both cases was Bias and Framed. And i would be able to Expose the corruption. And be able to help other kids who my be going through what my is going through being accused. I feel i would be able to free a lot of people from there innocents. I like to Thank God for this web site were i am able to tell my story’


  40. Nancy Triola says:

    I am going to win the pch on June 30th 2014. I have been a loyal fan for 24 years never won so i am more than ready. when it is most needed!

  41. G S Ketner says:

    Praying to win so I can help my children, family & church.

  42. edna hernandez says:

    I really wanna win..for right now where really down since my husband was been laidoff from his job..I really need pch to pull me up and be alive again and cleared and pay off are bills…we wanna be debt free were not getting young anymore…I wanna see my families as well my parents I wanna spend time with them while their alives..Im praying to WIN…..

  43. annette barnett says:

    i hope and pray god lets me win i need it so bad so tired of no home and so many thing i need to care for that needs homes and food god bless all at pch i have hope love you all

  44. I Tina Martin is inneed of that PCHSUPER SEARCHER &WIN GWY No.3080! 1830! 3727!. I have be on it for4+ year’s ago and still playing. Tina to WIN.

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