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  1. Mrs. cruz n mayhew | June 13, 2017 at 6:57 am |

    my 2x entries or $5,000 for life , so yes I want to win.

  2. I think I really deserve this big win not to get rich and run out to buy all this crazy stuff like they say money doesn’t make the world go around but I have really work My butt off all my life just to live and I am a very good person with bad luck really but what breaks my heart today is my daughter pass away 3 years ok and left 3 beautiful daughters behind 4 Mackenzie 6 Nevaeh 7 Isabella my grandkids don’t have mommie any more and it’s been real said my heart is broken I am in deep depression and I fill like it’s my job to make sure these babies are taken care of before I pass away I can find peace until I know these girls are taken care of I know money doesn’t stop the pain but I could put money in accounts for them till they get older and give them a start at life going to school or buying their first home and taking them all on a trip that they never will for get I know more money will go to others then to me I have always been like that being able to do this for my grandkids and my own children would put me at peace in my life that is what I want out of this money peace I love on a very small disability check I cannot pay rent and buy food to feed me for a mouth and I swear to this I am telling the truth but I could go on and on about my bad luck but I would be writhing for weeks and I also want to thank you all very much you all have been great I now know more about the internet and how to search better so thank you all and God Bless you all to Amen

  3. I will love to win and help my family , friends and people in need and pay my debts and my love ones and fk everything I can to help others , I love to help people but at this moment I cannot , I am not making enough or my husband and he loves to help too when he has money he always has help , it will be a dream come true to help and win some enemy if us just to pay debts abd live comfortable,always have faith in God and I know he has he’s own timings. Faith is the key

  4. My last comment , I put “enemy ” instead of ” anything just to pay the debts and help others and live comfortable, travel with all my family in a dream trip cruise or Europe and take some friends too. I believe that every dream come true and Faith is the key , God is always watching and if is time it will be possible I do believe with me heart .

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